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Yun-Hee Proffit, Executive Director  

Yun-Hee Proffit has worked within the non-profit sector in New York City for over fifteen years. From acting as Co-Director of Nodutdol for Korean Community Development, to overseeing programming at Creative Art Works and Arts & Democracy Project, they continuously strive to unify the arts, education, and equity building. They are an active member of Artists Co-Creating Real Equity (New York, NY) and a trainer with People's Institute for Survival and Beyond (New Orleans, LA), both of which work to undo systemic racism and intersectional inequities. Yun-Hee is currently a board member of Artbuilt, NY and Skylar Storage Project.


Oliver Click, Program Director 
Oliver Click (they/them) is an artist, educator, and non-binary drag performer. They are passionate about the revolutionary power of drag as an art form, storytelling medium, and teaching tool for learners of all ages. When they're not teaching art classes in Brooklyn's public schools and parks, you might be able to find them sharing words and rituals on stages across the city as Ash Blight. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 11.54.13 AM.png

Harmonica Sunbeam, Coordinator of the Storytellers' Committee

Harmonica Sunbeam, the Comedy Queen, has been delighting audiences at nightclubs, cabarets, fundraising events, and supermarket openings throughout the United States and abroad for over 29 years. Since the inception of DSH NYC, Miss Sunbeam has been featured in the New York Times and interviewed for a now-viral video on Buzzfeed. She is also the North Jersey coordinator of Drag Queen Story Hour.

Harmonica Sunbeam promo.jpeg

Rev. Yolanda, Storyteller and Organizational Building Committee

Rev. Yolanda (she, her) is a trans femme gender queer singer songwriter and interfaith minister originally from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, "The Hit Recording Capital of the World". She's influenced by the music of her hometown, as it intersects with the spiritual spectrum. She has been making music professionally for over 35 years, and has won several awards along the way (Blues Hall of Fame, GLBT Hall of Fame, 2x MAC Award Winner at BB Kings in NYC). All the way through her life, creating art that reflected her journey in all of its challenges and enlightenment, has been what she believes is hers to do in this lifetime. Her latest work was released Oct 19, 2021 and is a "concept album" for her autobiographical musical entitled "The Church of The Alien Love Child Presents: The passion of Rev. Yolanda" 

Yolanda new.jpg

Cholula Lemon, Storyteller

Cholula Lemon is a NYC Drag Queen and stand-up comedian who is committed to educating families and children about gender and family diversity. Over the course of three years, she has worked with Drag Story Hour as a fundraiser, advisor, teacher, and storyteller. She also leads DSH bilingual readings and works with teens teaching makeup tutorials. She performs around New York City in and out of drag.

Cholula Rosie Riveter.png

Paradise, Storyteller

Paradise (they/she) is a trans and gender non-conforming rainbow unicorn princex hailing from the Queendom of Bushwick. Their favorite stories often explore themes of gender & creative self-expression. Through DSH, they seek to create a more inclusive community, one story at a time. 

DQSH_ Paradise at Camp Alamander at the

Miz Jade, Storyteller

Miz Jade is a Black queer drag performer, event host, and professional dancer. A queen known for her teaching, activism, and quick wit, she’s bound to gag you and turn the party. Known throughout NYC, Miz Jade has been described as fierce, sophisticated, and full of surprises.


Yuhua Hamasaki, Storyteller

Always 25-years-old, Yuhua Hamasaki is a fun and campy queen from New York City! Yuhua’s drag character is her own invention of her superhero that has given her courage, confidence, and happiness. She especially loves to explore the city and be creative during her spare time!


Bella Noche, Storyteller

Bella Noche, New York City's premiere mermaid queen, lures onlookers in with her fantastical spark of color, creativity and charisma. With a combination of both beauty and brains, you'll become part of her world before you know it, hook line and sinker. 


Flame, Storyteller

Flame is a drag queen, peer educator, hairstylist, and world traveler. Flame does DQSH readings in Spanish and English and is currently learning several other languages. Flame’s inspiration to wake up every morning is to spread the message of love, equality, and unity for all.

Flame with book.jpg

Lori Lu, Storyteller

Lori Lu is a Mexican Drag Queen and singer based in NYC who is committed to educating families and children about gender and family diversity. She started the first Drag Queen Story Hour in Mexico and organized more chapters throughout the rest of Mexico. Now Lori Lu works as a storyteller in NYC. She also leads DSH bilingual readings and works performing throughout New York City in and out of drag. 


Professor Lionel Longlegs, Storyteller

Professor Lionel Longlegs (fae/faer, it/its, & they/them) uses stories, gestures, dances, & silly voices to comprise its "lectures". Often found at the tech booth when out & about, fae has as much fun making everyoen on stage look great as being up their faerself. It loves when drag can be communal & wants you to get in on the fun too! Dress up, make funny sounds & be your truest self! 

Professor Lionel Longlegs.jpg

Oliver H, Storyteller

Oliver H (he/they) is a non-binary, trans masc Puerto Rican drag king from NY! He is a high energy punk performer who travels all throughout the sewers of New York City. He was formerly a day care teacher and has a passion for working with children and education about what it means to be queer and trans. He is a cartoon villain and a storyteller at heart! He loves using color and strong shapes to push the boundaries of masculine and feminine. 

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